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Come be part of our Sunday service and learn more about God, how to grow deeper in your faith, and get connected with other believers through Worship.



The world has a sin problem, and no one is immune to it. The Bible tells us that there is a punishment for all who sin, and that is eternal separation from God. However, in the midst of our inability to change this problem, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to be the solution. It is only through Him, through His great sacrifice, that we are able to have a relationship with God and be saved from our own failures and from the eternity we really deserve. The invitation is to admit one’s sin and inability to do anything about it, to believe in Him and the Gospel story, and to confess Him as Lord of one’s life. If you want to know more about salvation, please give our church a call and ask to speak to someone in the evangelism department or contact us and a pastor will reach out to you shortly.

John 3:16 | Romans 3:23 | Romans 5:8 | Romans 6:23 | Romans 10:9-10, 13



Baptism is raising your flag for Jesus Christ! It’s telling the world that you have a new boss and a new life, and that your life is going to reflect this change in leadership. The old has gone, the new has come! If you have trusted Jesus as your Lord and your Savior, but have not yet been baptized, then baptism is your next best step. Schedule it today by calling us at 502.448.4070 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Memberships have their benefits, and that’s why officially joining the Antioch Family could be your greatest next step! Joining a church helps change the narrative and feeling of church, taking one from saying and feeling, “Antioch is the church I attend” to “Antioch is my church and Rev. French is my Pastor.” It gives one a sense of ownership and enhanced feeling of commitment to the church family. It opens up new options for volunteering in some of the exciting ministries around the church. Last, it allows us to really care for you and minister to you as a part of our family.

If you believe that membership is your next best step, we’d love to help you join! You can either walk forward during the invitation at the end of the service you attend or you can meet with a pastor during the week. Contact us if you have questions or are ready to take the next step and join the Antioch Family please contact us.



Sunday School is the oxygen that feeds the vibrancy and life of the Antioch Church Family. Sunday School Classes are purposely designed to foster an environment that grows you in the many different areas of your life, all while "doing life" with others who are in similar life stages. In each of our Sunday School classes, you will find solid biblical teaching, applications that lead to life change, and a community where lifelong friendships are built and nurtured.

If you are looking to develop friendships and find a smaller "tribe" within the Antioch Family, joining a Sunday School Class is your next best step! We are confident that you will find "your tribe" amongst one of the several Sunday School Classes we have on Sunday Mornings at 9:30 am. Contact us and we will help you discover the Sunday School Class that is perfect for you.



We love our volunteers! They are a vital part in impacting people for Jesus inside the church, around the city of Louisville, and even all around the world. Volunteering allows you to use the incredible gifts God has given you, meet new people, and make friends all around the church! It will enhance your experience and give you that “my church” feeling that makes so many in the Antioch Family feel like it’s their second home.

If you are looking to use your time and gifts to impact people for Jesus, there are number of different ways to serve. Contact us and one of leaders will reach out to you shortly about discovering your place to serve.



Go. It’s our mission. We are motivated by love and mobilized to serve. Wherever there is a soul, we’ve been called to go and share Jesus with them. We want everyone in Louisville, Kentucky, the United States, and the entire world to know the life-changing power of Jesus Christ in their lives.



Some people have a negative view of giving, or tithing, as it’s more commonly referred to in the church world. That is not how God intended it to be at all, though. Giving is done for a number of reasons. We give out of obedience. We give because it’s a great way to honor the Lord for all that He has generously given us. We give because it is an act of worship that shows God who is in control of our lives. We give, because at the end of the day, everything is His to begin with – and we are all just stewards of His resources. Lastly, we give because of the great opportunity. When you give, you open the door to reaching more people through the people, programs and ministries that are committed to seeing Jesus change lives. And if you ask us, that is a cause worth giving to.



God is interested in more time with you than just one day a week. His plans for you are great and His love for you makes Him desire personal interaction with you. Being intentional about time with God doesn’t mean you need to fill your week with church-sponsored programs and events, although being connected with a community of believers is important. It means there should be some "behind the scenes" work going on – work that will have a huge impact on your life moving forward. We call it a quiet time. 

These intentional moments create space for Him to teach and mold you. Having a consistent quiet time makes room in your life for God to communicate with you and reveal His purpose for your life. This kind of one-on-one relationship building is a key to growing as a Christian. There is no real formula to follow, although most include some combination of prayer and reading the Bible.



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